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Video of Coast Guard hoisting sick man from Carnival Ecstasy goes viral

Those helicopter rescues you see in movies don't always seem real, and it makes you wonder if the only way they happen is when they're scripted. Well, the United States Coast Guard does their job and they do it well, and sometimes they've got to do just that. CoastGuardNews reported on Aug. 8, 2014, that they had to take to the air and water to rescue a sick man on a Carnival Cruise Line ship.

The Coast Guard headed to the Carnival Ecstasy and did their job.

The situation happened on Thursday, and it involved a sick passenger aboard the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship. A 51-year-old man was suffering from severe chest pains, and he couldn't be gotten to shore quick enough for the proper medical attention.

With the Carnival Ecstasy in the middle - 250 miles southwest of Key West, Florida - of the water, they just needed some help. That's where the Coast Guard came to the rescue.

In a scene from out of an action flick, the Coast Guard Seventh District got the notification that a sick man needed help, and they went to work.

A Coast Guard flight surgeon was first consulted to see what type of help would be best for the passenger aboard the Carnival Ecstasy. After determining the seriousness of the situation, an M-I-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter was dispatched out to the ship by Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater.

The helicopter made it out to the ship, hovered above it, got the man secured into a gurney and hoisted him on board.

WPTV reports that he was transferred to Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West, and is currently in stable condition.

Meanwhile, the minute-long video of the rescue by the Coast Guard has gone viral, and with good reason. It truly does look like a movie, but it goes to show you how much help and good the Coast Guard brings to those that need it.

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