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Video of a woman in a thong vandalizing a Florida McDonald's goes viral

Fox News 13 reports that police arrested a woman wearing nothing more than a thong after she was captured on video during a destructive rage at a Pinellas Park McDonald’s.

Police arrested Sandra Suarez, 41, for vandalizing a McDonald's. She was captured in a video only wearing a thong. video/ Fox News 13 website

Last March, a Florida woman named Sandra Suarez, 41, walked into a McDonald’s and began knocking over registers and other equipment. She then helped herself to some ice cream. Employees in the video are heard commenting and laughing about the incident.

The video went viral after being posted to

McDonald’s terminated the employee(s) responsible for posting the video.

Authorities said the rampage began after an employee rejected Suarez’s offer of oral sex in the parking lot. Authorities took her to the hospital for en examination, which ruled out any drug or alcohol usage.

Fox News spoke to Suarez about the incident. She told a reporter that she barely remembered the incident and said it was a bipolar episode. Florida authorities have charged her with criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

More details about this story are available at the Fox News Tampa website. The graphic video (NSFW) is on the Liveleak website.

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