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Video of 3-year old Mateo arguing for a cupcake goes viral

Mateo might just be one of the cutest 3-year old boys on the planet. On March 11, Pix 11 shared a YouTube video of young little Mateo debating with his mother about why he should get cupcakes for dinner.

Young Mateo pleads with "Linda" who is likely his mother. "Look it, look it, look it...listen to me," he says. While Mateo pleads away, his mother tries to explain why cupcakes for dinner is a bad idea. She also tells him that it is not okay to ask grandma for something after mother says no. Hasn't every kid tried that stunt?

The laughs are even harder to stifle as Mateo continues to argue his point. "Honey, honey! Look at this," he pleads. As Mateo tries to "break it down" for his mother, she very patiently explains why he will not be a

Everyone knows that kids will argue and debate but they aren't usually as funny as this little lobbyist. After watching Mateo argue and plead his case for a cupcake, mothers everywhere and wipe their collective brow in relief that their youngsters aren't so vocally gifted.

Will Mateo grow up to be a politician? He certainly is convincing. In any case, this video is a must watch.

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