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VIDEO: Lionel Messi and YPF have things in common in latest World Cup promo

The hopes of the Argentine fans to see their beloved Albiceleste win a third World Cup ride on one man’s shoulders- Lionel Messi. That is about the most obvious statement one can make when it comes to the upcoming World Cup.

Messi and YPF with lots in common
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Yet that was not an easy narrative to sustain a few years back when Argentine fans were not seeing Messi in the best light. This is all part of what Argentine oil company YPF is discussing in their latest World Cup promo.

Not only do they discuss it, they draw parallels to their recent fate after having been nationalized by the Argentine government after years being owned by Spanish oil company Repsol.

The commercial talks about a small kid that had a great deal of potential that Argentina saw slip away because the people abroad were paying attention to what the kid had to offer. This was in reference to Messi’s departure to Barcelona and YPF being bought by Repsol in 1999.

“Because we thought that (Messi) woudn’t grow anymore or for whatever reason, we stopped paying attention. The attention that the others had.” says the announcer in the commercial.

Then Messi appears with his Ballon D’Or titles and the numerous goals that he scored for FC Barcelona but in the meantime he did not perform at the same rate that he did “with them”.

“We even insane enough to think that he didn’t belong to us anymore, ” the announcer added.

YPF underwent that same criticism, which led to the Argentine government and the view of the company changed. Coincidentally right when Messi began to hit his form with the national team.

“But emotions come from deep inside and affect you deeply”, the announcer says as Messi charges up the pitch in an Argentina kit while fans expect magic with every touch.

They end up with the positive spin to the situation as now YPF is now an national company and Messi is also a national treasure waiting to explode onto the scene in Brazil and help Argentina win what could be their biggest World Cup yet.

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