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Video Interview: Dean DeBlois Talks 'How to Train Your Dragon 2'

A lot has changed in the four years since How to Train Your Dragon came out of nowhere and really gave Dreamworks their first film that could stand up to the mighty Pixar. What began is a single film has grown into a full-blown franchise with video games, toys, and an animated TV series, all of which elevated expectations for this weekend's How to Train Your Dragon 2.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Writer/director Dean DeBlois also had high expectations for the sequel, and he set out to make this second chapter of the planned trilogy larger in scope, more mature, and as exciting as the first. And that also meant progressing the friendship between Hiccup and his loyal pet dragon, Toothless, as well as Hiccup's relationship with his father, Chief Stoic. The result is a film that I think will almost certainly be amongst the best animated movies of the year.

Along with my Addicted to Film colleague Tim Gordon, I had a chance to sit down with DeBlois and talk about How to Train Your Dragon 2, the dragon design and introduction of new characters, and plans for the third movie in 2016. And yes, we did it all in viking helmets. You can watch that interview below, and check out my review of the film here.

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