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Video Interview: chatting with 'General Hospital's' Kathleen Gati and Emme Rylan

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC
General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC

General Hospital's” Lulu has been through a lot in her time in Port Charles. As the child of super couple Luke and Laura, drama is part of her Spencer DNA. She recently endured the difficultly of losing a child and being estranged from husband Dante.

Now things seem to be getting better; Lulu and Dante have reunited and are just getting to know Ben, Dante's newly discovered son. Ben's mother Britt is the fiancee of Lulu's brother Nikolas. Lulu feels a bond with her new step-son but the bond is deeper than she realizes. Lulu doesn't know that Ben is actually her child with Dante. Will she ever find and what will be her reaction when she does.

Britt's mother, Dr. Obrecht, is tied to Lulu and Dante as well. She's the true mastermind behind Ben's parentage and behind Robin's separation from her family. As the new Chief of Staff of “General Hospital,” the town pariah seems to have her hands in everything. Will the evil doctor ever be able to redeem herself in the eyes of Port Charles citizens? And does she even care what everyone thinks?

Daytime TV Examiner visited the set of “General Hospital” to celebrate the taping of the show's historic 13,000th episode which aired last month on ABC. Several actors sat down for a chat, including actors Emme Rylan and Kathleen Gati who play Lulu Spencer Falconari and Dr. Liesl Obrecht, respectively. In a video interview, the actresses shared their thoughts on the show's historic milestone and what's ahead for their characters.

Check out the interview with Emme and Kathleen on his page.

Catch “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC.

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