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Interview: chatting with Eric Martsolf of 'Days of our Lives'

Eric Martsolf of Days of our Lives accepting his Emmy
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

On “Days of our Lives,” Eric Martsolf’s portrayal of Brady Black won him this year’s Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Daytime TV Examiner caught up with the actor on the Daytime Emmy Red Carpet just before receiving the statue to get his thoughts on his nomination and working on the show.

Check out the interview below:

Phyllis: Brady Black! What a year for you. Congratulations on your nomination?

Eric Martsolf: It takes a guy to spiral out of control to actually get a nomination doesn’t it? I know. I played the good guy for so many years, now I’m all of a sudden the bad guy, but I guess being bad pays off every once in a while.

Phyllis: There were so many dimensions to your character. How did you decide which scenes or episodes to submit?

Eric Martsolf: I immediately thought that I was going to submit scenes with Eileen Davidson (Kristen). It was such a privilege to work with her and I thought our scenes were really good together, but when I saw that intervention that Brady had with his friends and family, there was something uncomfortable about it. This guy just ripping himself apart in front of his family and choosing this vile over everybody, it was interesting. I thought it was great, so I thought why not go with that? But I wasn’t in [Eileen’s] reel either so I think we got each other back.

Phyllis: Tell me how much you are going to miss working with her?

Eric Martsolf: I’ll miss her a lot. She truly brings out the best in me. She really did. Its common when you have someone that’s up here, they pull you up. She’s been around a long time and I love that she’s a veteran and doesn’t act like one. She doesn’t know how good she is. That’s my favorite thing about her and I’m going to miss her a lot.

Phyllis: How did you prepare yourself mentally to do those intervention scenes which were so heavy and dark?

Eric Martsolf: You don’t. I don’t prepare myself. I go into it and I let the dialogue take over and let my mind wander. I’m not an addict so it’s hard to portray one, but I figure if you let the situation on that stage and root it on some reality, you’ll feel the torture and the torment and I did. I did, so hopefully it translated on screen. It gave me a little nod and here I am with my peers and it feels great.

Phyllis: How do you feel about being in such a tough category? You’re all wonderful actors?

Eric Martsolf: They’re all good guys. I think we should all win.

Phyllis: Yeah. Split that thing in five ways.

Eric Martsolf: Why pick a winner, just have everybody win. Just saw it in half.

Catch Eric as Brady Black on “Days of our Lives” airing weekdays on NBC.

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