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Video: How to make a Christmas centerpiece in under a minute

Assorted silver candlesticks, pitchers and vases are another way to create this charming centerpiece
Assorted silver candlesticks, pitchers and vases are another way to create this charming centerpiece

You can make this Christmas centerpiece in under a minute because you'll make it with items you already own. But that doesn't mean that it's no less spectacular than one you spent a long time and a lot of money creating.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and wedding planning, isn't it nice to know a few tricks that will turn ordinary glassware and ornaments into a sparkling centerpiece you can be proud to center your table. And it will look as lovely in the living room on your coffee table as it would on your dining room table.

All you need, as you you can see in the video, is a variety of glasses and your choice of ornaments.

If you don't have enough glasses, then as you can see in the photo, use candlesticks. Or mix and match candlesticks and glasses as I did. The best thing to do, however, is to make sure that you keep them all one material. If you're going to use glasses then using glass candle holders will give you the best effect rather than mixing metal with glass.

There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just mix and match until you have an arrangement that pleases you. After all, changing it only takes seconds.

And this type of arrangement would look just as beautiful for a Christmas-theme wedding. You'll be able to rent an assortment of glasses or work with your caterer to get additional glasses for your centerpieces.

Just stock up on the ornaments you'll need at the after-Christmas sales this weekend and save big bucks. In fact, you might be able to pick up the glasses and candle holders you need for even less than you could rent them. Or visit thrift stores, garage sales and tag sales to get a collection of glasses and holders. It would be charming to see a slightly different arrangement on every table anyway.

This would also be a gorgeous New Year's centerpiece. Just swap out the gold ornaments for silver ones. And you could even use a collection of wine or champagne bottles in all sizes to create the effect.

It's fast, it's easy, it's beautiful, it's green because you're recycling items you already own and it screams Christmas. What more can you ask to make your holidays easier? And in the midst of all of your wedding planning, isn't having something that's fast, easy and affordable a really nice thing?

Thanks for Over the Top, Inc. for use of their gorgeous cranberry crushed satin tablecloth.