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VIDEO: How to make a Christmas centerpiece or Hanukkah centerpiece in under two minutes

A simple wine glass with a floating candle is the start of this holiday centerpiece.
A simple wine glass with a floating candle is the start of this holiday centerpiece.

With all of the holiday and wedding activities sometimes you don't have time to even think about decorating your table for guests or creating a romantic atmosphere for a dinner for two. Here's an easy Christmas centerpiece (or a Hanukkah centerpiece) you can make in under two minutes with items you likely already own.

Glasses, colored water and candles are all you need to create a fast and pretty holiday centerpiece.

The principles you'll learn in the video will enable you to take glassware, flowers or ornaments, some food coloring, water and candles and create a simple, elegant and easy design.

Don't have the mirror as shown? No problem. Put the centerpiece on the table.

Don't have stemware? OK, try a variety of water glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, glass vases - whatever you have that's in varying heights.

Only have one size glass? Just vary the height of the water. It will achieve a similar effect.

You could also use the idea you'll find here for a similar centerpiece that uses a bowl. And if you don't have a silver bowl, use a pretty glass one. That will work too.

No food coloring in the house? You can use some fruit juice, beet juice, wine, grenadine or even mouthwash to color the water. Or add flower petals, cranberries, glitter, even tinsel garland to add some color or sparkle.

"But I don't have any floating candles either," you say. OK, do you have any tea light candles? Just pop them out of the metal holder and they'll float.

No tea light candles? Use small votive candles in the glasses without water. You can fill the glasses with candy, rocks, small berries - anything you want.

(And you should always keep an assortment of candles in the house anyway for just such decor emergencies. You can find them very inexpensively at your supermarket or Dollar Tree. Just keep them in a cool, dark place. Your refrigerator would work best.)

No poinsettias in the house? How about Christmas ornaments? Tuck a few of those around the base of the glasses. Or, if you have any other flowers - real or artificial - that will work too.

"But I'm Jewish. I don't have Christmas ornaments." That's understandable. How about dreidels, candy or gelt? Or a few sprigs of greenery from some houseplants or bushes in your yard.

Check out the slideshow for a number of variations on this basic Christmas or Hanukkah centerpiece design.

The point is that you don't need to make this exactly, just use what you have in a creative way and you can create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind holiday centerpiece in minutes.

(And, yes, you can use this similar design for your wedding, parties or wedding-related events.)

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Happy Holidays!