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Video goes viral as commuters find live rat on subway

One lone rat turned a subway ride into a harrowing experience for a subway car full of commuters in New York.

 Commuters wait to board a New York City subway car at Grand Central Terminal during evening rush hour in New York City.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A video showing subway riders screaming and standing on the benches that was posted on YouTube on Monday is already going viral on Wednesday. You can't help but laugh as you watch how a group of people deal with a rat in such closed quarters.

Commuters scream in unison as the rat scurries back and forth under the seats and even some people who are standing in the aisles are seen jumping as the rat runs toward them. The crying, screaming and moaning of despair on the video sounds more like a zombie attack than a mere rat.

Jinais Ponnampakikkal Kader is the one that shot the video and posted it on YouTube. He explained in another video, that while traveling on the A train, right around the Fulton street station someone started yelling, "Rat on the train, rat on the train," and the subway doors shut before anyone could get back off.

Kader said he didn't care much about the rat, but wanted to record what was happening as people started jumping up on the seats and screaming.

It is hard to tell who is more upset the people or the rat itself as it seems to be searching for a place to hide.

No word if the rat made it to his stop.

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