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Video games are they good or bad for my child?

Children love to play video games. But is it good for them? There are some studies that are being done that say playing video games has benefits. At the same time there are studies that say video games are a bad thing as well. It is your job as a parent to find the balance for what’s best your child’s development.

Video games: good or bad
Photo by Larry Marano

Pros- When playing video games children tune their fine motor skills. They learn how to use strategies and problem-solve to move from level to level. These are good skills to have and video games are a fun way to develop them. In Raise A Smart Kid- “The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games” they talk about more pros of playing video games.

Cons- Children who play a lot of video games have problems concentrating in other areas of their lives, along with other health issues. They also have a hard time entertaining themselves without a game to play. They have not developed the ability to imagine and play. In Telegraph “Children are having their imaginations destroyed by iPads and video games” talks more about the negative effect video games have on children.

In a video game the story is laid out in front of them to unfold. When playing with toys they have to come up with the story themselves. These are two different brain functions. In a world where everything is electronically at our finger tips it’s hard to have a balance for our children. Back in the day children had to use their imagination to entertain themselves. Today there are all kinds of different devises that can entertain them. Because of the world we live in where we rely on the computer our children need to know how to use and manipulate the different systems. At the same time they need to be able to have skills outside the digital world as well. Giving your child balanced time between video games and imaginary play will help their brain develop both sets of skills.

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