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Video game industry announces rating and parental controls campaign

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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced a new Public Service Announcement campaign for video game ratings and parental controls. This new campaign follows recent calls for the video game industry to be regulated and various bills introduced at the federal and state level.

Currently, the video game industry is self-regulated in the United States with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) providing age and content ratings to games released to retail. The ESA wants to further educate the public on the ratings and available parental controls with a series of PSAs that will be promoted online and in stores, extend the ESRB ratings to smart phones, tablets and online social games, and provide support to non-profits using video games for educational and other pro-social purposes.

“This campaign will connect with consumers in an immediate and sustained way in addition to the traditional mechanisms over TV outlets. By channeling our industry’s compelling and innovative medium, we will instantly provide proven, practical, and effective information to millions of consumers,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the U.S. trade association representing video game publishers.

“Our industry has a long-standing, high-quality track record of empowering parents,” continued Mr. Gallagher. “The Federal Trade Commission described the ESRB as having the strongest self-regulatory code with regard to its marketing guidelines and enforcement system. Today we will build on that success.”

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Via: ESA