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VIDEO: EA Sports UFC online analysis by a sim player

One of the things that EA Sports UFC has been falsely accused of by some reviews, is that it is "arcadey." This most definitely isn't true with single player when you're playing against the superb AI ("hard" difficulty setting is the sweet spot), but online could be a different animal.

Before writing this article I clicked around YouTube to watch other people's online matches just to get an idea of how most people play, and just about every video I saw looked arcadey. It wast mostly due to how the players fought. There's a lot of wasted movement and too many haymakers being thrown.

The player I fought was like that, and I utilized real-life tactics as much as I could, and was surprised to see that it actually worked. What was even cooler was that the little things I picked up from playing against the CPU, such as the timing of the counters and managing distance, could be applied to the multiplayer setting as well.

Many games with multiplayer have a huge disconnect with its single player component, where the strategies that worked fine against the AI were completely useless against a human opponent. This still may end up being the case with EA Sports UFC as I play more (I've had only three unranked matches, all of which I won) online, but at least from the get-go I didn't have the rude awakening I had in past UFC Undisputed and Fight Night games.

In this video I played as Daniel Cormier against a higher-rated Anderson Silva at light heavyweight. In the early goings my opponent managed to trap me in a Muay Thai clinch and tried to spam the tactic. He found early success but I was able to adjust and began to methodically pick him apart with well-placed counters and varied tactics.

At the end of the video you'll see the final stats which should give you a better idea of what went down during the fight. What about you? How has your online experience been with EA Sports UFC?

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