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Video: College students display woeful ignorance on Benghazi

Benghazi has been in the news since the September 11, 2012 terror attack that saw Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans killed. Nevertheless, some college students at George Mason University are woefully ignorant of the attack, as demonstrated by a video posted Monday by the Media Research Center. They were, however, able to identify the singer of the hit song “Happy.”

Aftermath of Benghazi terror attack.
Getty Images

“It’s a place in Afghanistan,” one person told MRCTV's Dan Joseph.

“Something in the Middle East,” another student said.

One female student actually said Benghazi reminds her of a guy she works with at a gym.

"I'm pretty sure his name is Ben Ghazi, or something like that," she said. He hasn't been in the news recently, she added.

Another student says her family discusses the issue all the time. Unfortunately, she still doesn't know what it is.

Joseph had a bit of fun with the students. He told one, for example, that Benghazi is a very light French cream sauce. He told another that Benghazi is a small Japanese robot that helps with gardening. He also told two other students it's an ancient Libyan word for "what difference does it make," an obvious slap at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

It's not the first time college students have been documented displaying total ignorance of the issue.

A video posted at Townhall in February shows that students at New York University were not only ignorant of the attack, they had no idea Benghazi is located in Libya. Obama supporters at Ohio University displayed similar ignorance of the attack, according to a video posted by Revealing Politics.

"I have no idea," said two giggling college girls when asked what they thought of Benghazi. They weren't the only ones displaying total ignorance of the attack. A number of students were completely unaware of what took place at Benghazi.

"Y'know, I think, really, the Republicans did it," one person said of the attack.

"I don't even know what that is, honestly," one student said immediately after saying his pick in the election "comes down to foreign policy."

Video of students at George Mason University can be seen above.

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