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Video claims Valerie Jarrett played role in effort to kidnap Amb. Chris Stevens

A video posted Tuesday by the Western Center for Journalism makes the explosive claim that White House adviser Valerie Jarrett played a role in what was to be an attempt to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens. The attempt was "botched," ultimately resulting in the terror attack that led to Stevens' death.

Video claims Valerie Jarrett played role in plot to kidnap Amb. Chris Stevens.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The video cites "Dark Forces: The truth about what happened in Benghazi," a book by Kenneth R. Timmerman, that says Iranians were behind the 2012 terror attack on the Benghazi compound. Worse yet, the video claims, Jarrett may have been "pulling the strings."

The book cited in the video claims Jarrett has maintained close ties to the Iranian government for decades, including one Ali Akbar Velayati, a man who served as Iran's Foreign Minister from 1981 to 1996. According to "Dark Forces," Jarrett and Velayati discussed a plan intended to make Obama look like a "diplomatic genius."

"Velayati told Jarrett there were elements inside Iran (such as the Quds Force) who were 'out of control' and were planning to kidnap an American diplomat to show their displeasure with U.S. santions on Iran," the video said. "Some claimed that Jarrett then proposed that they transform the kidnapping into a hostage exchange, with the United States freeing the Blind Sheikh in exchange for the kidnapped U.S. ambassador. That would make Obama look like a diplomatic genius."

The "Blind Sheikh" is none other than Omar Abdel Rahman, the bearded Islamic extremist who helped orchestrate the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. In January 2013, the Washington Post said Islamist leaders, including former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, have pressured the U.S. to release him.

According to Timmerman, the NSA intercepted communications by militants in Benghazi revealing a plan led by Iranians to kidnap Stevens and attack the CIA annex. The plan was reportedly stopped when Iranians -- traveling in vehicles with Red Crescent markings -- were attacked and captured by Ansar al-Sharia. But, Timmerman said, the attack was a ruse to make the CIA think the plan had been scrapped.

Instead, the video claims, the plan was simply altered to let Ansar al-Sharia kidnap Stevens and attack the compound. The Iranian leader behind the botched attempt reportedly did not believe Ansar al-Sharia could successfully kidnap Stevens and allegedly ordered him murdered.

The video goes on to say this is the reason the administration blamed the attack on an obscure online video for weeks. But, the video -- which can be seen above -- says more needs to be done.

"And this is why we must forcibly remove Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett from the White House and arrest them immediately," the video adds.

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