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Video captures meteor almost hitting skydiver

In a video that is either the first of its kind or a flat-out hoax (albeit a “good” one), a meteor comes whizzing by a skydiver, possibly within 30 feet. The video comes out of Norway and was first posted on Youtube on April 3. Since then, it has gotten over 600,000 hits.

So., what are the experts saying?

Bill Cooke, a meteor expert from NASA, watched the video, commenting that “if the video is a hoax, it's a pretty good one .” Cooke later added that the chances of winning the Powerball lottery are about 1,000 times greater than of having a meteor come within 30 feet of you at any one time, as this one appeared to do to skydiver Anders Helstrup.

By watching the video, in which a black rock appears to fall through the sky, one may be asking the following: where is the fireball?

The fact of the matter is that meteorites only glow fiery red when they first hit Earth's atmosphere. Typically, this is at least 40 miles up, not skydiving height, by which point they have cooled sufficiently to lose their glow and appear to be just a rock.

That very real question answered, could the video be real?

According to Cooke, the odds are extremely long, as in about 1 in 500 billion. Still, that's far from impossible as meteorites have hit people, dogs, cars, and houses.

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