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VIDA introduces two new workout classes to the health & fitness center

VIDA Fitness introduces two new workout classes in Wash DC
VIDA Fitness introduces two new workout classes in Wash DC
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Are you looking to get whooped into shape? Or, looking for a new addiction? No problem, well look no further and get ready for the workout you have been waiting for. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, VIDA Fitness doors are open to everyone and will have you coming back for more. The gym has introduced two new exciting classes to the Wash Dc, sites providing workouts that build cardiovascular endurance, tone and sculpt muscles while burning fat.

VIDA M.I.T (Maximum Interval Training), 45 minute class – This high intensity class will give you a full body workout, including cardio, strength, tools to master balance and flexibility in a boot camp style worth trying. M.I.T is a challenging workout designed to shock the body with effective routines to improve growth and weight loss.

VIDA Assets, 45 minute class – This exciting class provides a variety of exercises giving you the ultimate lower body workout. These vigorous routines attack all areas surrounding the legs, glutes, back, and abdominal muscles. A great way to burn fat, melt down that tummy, love handles while sculpting and strengthen the lower body.
Both class allows a couples minutes of rest before each set.

VIDA’s group fitness director and certified personal trainer, Alexx Zamudio, enjoys challenging his clients and members. The highly skilled exercise instructor has been in the field for 10 years and will definitely give you a run for your money.

“Each instructor at VIDA adds different flavors to the class. These classes’ benefits people by letting them reach their goals, drop pounds, get in shape and become stronger and faster”.

Visit VIDA Fitness website for fitness locations, classes and hours.

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