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Victory Waters Twitters Michael Jackson Memorial - Entire real time recap with raw emotion


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Remember, below is a direct reading from Twitter so normal grammar and spelling do not apply due to the 140-character rule. Pictured above is Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Katherine Jackson. The 11yr old is absolutely precious and spoke about her Daddy. Of course, Twitter rules apply which means to follow the whole story READ BOTTOM TO TOP.

  1. 1/3 of the Los Angeles Police force was on duty for the MJ event. That's extraordinary. Larry King just said that.

  2. @eonline That's the Pastor who spoke earlier. Rev. Lucious

  3. Prayer is closing MJ Service with Rev. Lucious.

  4. The casket is being taken out (after Paris spoke). The family is exiting while the instrumentals are playing.

  5. Paris is her Daddy. It is clear that MJ's sweet legacy is left with Paris. Her sweetness resonates loud and clear.

  6. Look at Paris hugging Janet's arm. SWEET! ...Marlon "maybe now Michael they will leave you alone". MJ's children R clearly JACKSONS in love

  7. Marlon Jackson is overwhelmed. Look at how the family gathered around him so tight. That's so much love!

  8. The most beautiful event I've ever seen in my life! The world loves Michael Jackson and will miss him terribly.

  9. Brooke Shields standing next to Usher. Brooke truly loved MJ. That was her friend for real. This is so beautiful all the way around.

  10. "Heal the World" is being sung. Little children dressed in white and black came on stage holding hands. Very nice.

  11. Janet is holding onto Blanket. Latoya has Paris and Mom, Katherine has Prince Michael. Paris LOVES her DADDY's music. She is singing out.

  12. Here comes EVERYONE out for "WE ARE THE WORLD". This is going to be amazing.

  13. "WE are THE WORLD" is now being sung.

  14. @rolandsmartin Wasn't that beautifully done? And the child was of a different ethnicity than MJ. That's even more MJish.

  15. MJ handpicked that little boy to sing in London. Clearly the child has what it takes -SHAHEEN. MJ can spot talent!

  16. I love this kid. I love this kid. I see it already. Kenny Ortega is who brought the child out. The child was supposed to be on tour with MJ

  17. WHAT? This child can sing! I see another prodigy. Beautiful little one. Shaheen Jafargholi. And I love that this opens up another ethnicity

  18. Listen to this child sing... YES! This is "Shaheen Jafargholi" . He is singing "Who's Lovin' you"

  19. Jobs needed to call time off for MJ service. No one is working right. Twittering, CNNing, FBing, & texting. Can't stop till we get enough

  20. Smokey Robinson is up now speaking. He is making the crowd laugh. This is cute about the song "Who's loving you"... CUTE!

  1. @thespottedduck This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. Usher's tears were so genuine and real. Whew....

  2. Ok, Usher has me in tears.... He is bending down and kissing Katherine's hands... I am done!

  3. Usher is singing directly to Michael's casket and he put his hand on it. That was touching on his part. He is crying now.

  4. @SherriEShepherd Darling, i feel the same way. I am twittering my butt off on this beautiful beautiful event. Tears are all over the place.

  5. Usher singing "Like a rainbow fading in a twinkling eye.... gone too soon"...Song is "Gone too soon". Doing nicely too.

  6. A salute was given to MJ by Congresswoman Sheila J Lee. rising star in this woman! MJ brought out the best in all today. Usher up now.

  7. Resolution 600 will be debated "American Legend and musical icon, world humanitarian"... someone who will be honored forever and forever.

  8. On June 25th, 2009...Congressional black caucus and the members of house of representatives stopped and had a moment of silence.

  9. Congresswoman SJL says MJ visited Walter Reed Hospital. MJ went to thank our soldiers for their sacrifice. Where was the press with this?

  10. Congresswoman Sheila Johnson Lee calls MJ "The Good Samaritan". MJ came to their office and talked about HIV and AIDS.

  11. Congresswoman SJL seeing her in 2012 doing big things. She is doing it out here for MICHAEL Jackson using his song titles in her speech.

  12. Congresswoman Sheila Johnson Lee "We know that people are innocent until proven otherwise". YES Congresswoman SPEAK!

  13. Congresswoman Sheila Johnson Lee from Houston, TX. She is speaking now. "I can't write music, dance or sing but I do know an American Story"

  14. Bernice King said that Michael Jackson referred to her mother Mrs. Coretta Scott King as American Royalty in his eyes.

  15. Bernice King: "Michael called mom from the Middle East ...she listened as he said he has prayed for her on his knees".

  16. HERE ARE THE KINGS. Martin Luther King III and BErnice King.

  17. @king_of_indiana She is next to Paris.

  18. Absolutely beautiful JERMAINE! He did a beautiful job with "SMILE".

  19. @mashable And it should! :) This is historic. This breaks all records and for amazing reasons. The most cried tears too I bet.

  20. Jermaine Jackson is at the mic and is now singing "SMILE". The song that Michael Jackson loved the most. We heard Brooke Shields say that.
  1. Brooke ran over to hug and kiss and whisper something in Katherine Jackson's ear. How touching was that? Brooke Shields - another real deal

  2. Brooke Shields on Michael Jackson's favorite song: Charlie Chaplin wrote for the movie "MODERN TIMES"...called "Smile"

  3. Brooke Shields is really personalizing the idea of growing up early due to entertainment pressures. She is doing a great job of MJ memory

  4. Here is Brooke Shields. She is already crying before speaking.

  5. It's nice that all the brothers are wearing the sparkling gloves as palbearers. They are thanking all that grace the stage.

  6. John Mayer is doing his thing with that electric guitar! "...that's it's Human Nature..why why.." YES! @johncmayer DO IT!

  7. Is this who I think this is? JOHN MAYER performing "HUMAN NATURE" with his electric guitar. Only MJ can do all this.

  8. Did you all see how Michael Jackson's daughter stood up immediately. PARIS was smiling from ear to ear about her DADDY. BEAUTIFUL Rev. AL

  9. Rev.Al Sharpton directly to Katherine &children. "There is nothing strange about your Daddy, it was strange about what he had to deal with".

  10. Shown at MJ Memorial: Jermaine Dupri is sitting next to Janet Jackson.

  11. Rev Al. Sharpton is doing it right now. I kid you not. "It isn't about mess, it's about his love message" - Sharpton on MJ .

  12. Rev. Al Sharpton does what he does best: PREACH. This is what he does best. Preach in the streets. #MJ Memorial

  13. Here comes Rev. Al Sharpton. He is speaking.

  14. They have Michael's own narration in the background of Jennifer's rendition of "WILL YOU BE THERE". Sweet LORD this is emotional.

  15. A very pregnant Jennifer Hudson is now singing. She is singing "Will you be there". She is about to tear this song up. I see it and feel it!

  16. Magic mentioned "Grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins"... he left out Joe but I'm sure that was an emotional oversight. Magic did great

  17. Magic says: "His 3 children will have the most incredible grandmother that God put on this earth to take care of them".

  18. Magic Johnson says in one of his stories that MJ ate KFC with him. I see KFC already creating ads around this Magic/MJ story.

  19. @TheLoveBelow who danced?

  20. Magic Johnson is putting a personal spin on MJ story. His personal friendship 30yrs ago with Jackie Jackson. Who knew? Great stories.


  1. "Most charities supported by a pop star." - Michael Jackson made the Guinness book of World records. - Kobe Bryant announced that.

  2. Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson are on stage now speaking about MJ.

  3. Stevie Wonder just tore that up AGAIN. That was so touching. Ok, I need visine, kleenex, throat drops, Stevie represented MJ's memory.

  4. Everyone is clearly emotional and torn singing and performing for Michael Jackson. From Stevie to Mariah to Queen Latifah. This is hard.

  5. Stevie Wonder sings "Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer". How appropriate.... beautiful. #MJ Memorial

  6. STEVIE WONDER is being led to the stage and is sitting at piano. "This is a moment that I wished I never lived to see come"-Stevie Wonder MJ

  7. @AskWifey I am having sobbing moments intermittently! This is moving as heck! Beautifully done. Wouldn't expect anything less.

  8. They are now playing a montage of MJ videos. Along with montage of pics and movie clips. This is nicely done. Look at this! MAN!

  9. Berry Gordy called it right- Greatest Entertainer who ever lived, Michael Jackson...Cities stood up. Showed all screens like Election day.

  10. @therealrc Are you watching?

  11. Berry Gordy is doing a wonderful job of painting a picture of little Michael Jackson. From baseball stories, to humming ABC to teary moments

  12. @larrryhoward I forgot about how amazing Lionel Richie can be...

  13. @AskWifey Girl,... I need VISINE!

  14. BERRY GORDY (Motown) is now at the podium and speaks. "He raised the bar and then broke the bar" ... on MJ.

  15. Lionel Richie is performing "Jesus is Love" for MJ Memorial Service with choir in background. Lionel is tearing it up! I am in church.

  16. Lionel Richie is on stage. He is singing..."Father help your children and don't let them fall on the side of the road..and teach them to ...

  17. I love that Maya Angelou gave her poem "WE HAD HIM" to Queen Latifah to read this. From one poet to another! READ BEAUTIFULLY!

  18. Maya Angelou "WE HAD HIM".... being read by Queen Latifah. I want this poem. Profound!

  19. @BlogXilla I think her emotions took over!

  20. @vproducerdiva She was truly emotional in that. She said she has not stopped crying like Madonna. Queen Latifah is about to lose it too.


  1. Queen Latifah is now speaking at the MJ Memorial service.

  2. Trey Lorenz is her helper and other singer. He helped out lovely too. This is so heartbreaking. Mariah and Trey are respecting his memory!

  3. Mariah Carey is really affected. This is hard. You can see it. She's amazing through it though. Mariah is singing for MICHAEL Jackson.

  4. #MJ - Mariah Carey is now singing "I'll Be there"... she is about to lose it again. She is fighting back tears.

  5. @brandehhh I really knew it was Smokey but for whatever reason... I was stuck on Lionel. :) .. I am so ready to see Lionel on stage.

  6. Pastor Lucius Smith is now speaking.

  7. Here comes the casket as the choirs sings. MJ's casket is brought to the front of the stage.

  8. It has begun! Choir is out singing!

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