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Victory today for all animal advocates in Indiana

"Opt to Adopt"
"Opt to Adopt"
Stella Koch

H B 1258 requiring puppy mills and pet stores to provide information about the pets being sold
and pets being bred to sell, unanimously passed the House of Representatives. Even though most people buying pets from the pet stores are impulse buyers they should want to know some of the history
of the pet so as to make better choices and hopefully have less related problems; health issues,
behavior problems, less expense, less heartache, etc.

Projects manager for Uncle Bill’s pet stores, said the store doesn’t reveal breeding information
before a sale because animal rights activists sometimes harass breeders. Other managers have
been quoted as saying,” providing the information before a sale gives customers an opportunity
to bypass pet stores and go straight to the breeder”.  Thus proving the concern for the sale above
the quality of the pet or the ability to place the animal in the proper home.

A portion of this House Bill is effective because it increases the classification of the offenses from a misdemeanor to a Class D felony.  Rep. Linda Lawson, D-Hammond and the bill’s author, along with Laura Adams, who operates a pit bull rescue operation, said the change is necessary because spectators are such an integral part of a dog fighting events. Because the crowd gambles on the outcome, they are the reason the fighting exists.  27 states have already made attending a dog fight a felony.  “I ask Indiana to step up and join other states," Adam's said. “This is a criminal activity.”

Larry Rollins, director of the gaming control division of the Indiana Gaming Commission, testified
that the change would help law enforcement in their efforts to end dog fighting. He said it’s
often difficult to distinguish between the operators of the dog fight and those who are simply
attending. “I don’t think many people would attend if they knew it was a Class D felony,”
Rollins said. “This is one case where upgrading (the punishment) would have an impact on the
crime itself.”


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