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Victory lap for ObamaCare, Obama takes gold for triumph over Americans

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Obama, like Putin, has achieved a great victory over Americans. America under Obama has become a 2nd rate power with its reduced military, with 2nd rate healthcare overseen by Democrats, and 2nd class citizens of the Earth who must use wind power (not cow farts) rather than fossil fuels. While Putin makes history conquering enemies, Obama makes history conquering the patriotic Christian Americans.

All the liberal media announced that Obama is taking a well-deserved victory lap for enrolling seven million slaves into ObamaCare. They make no mention that it does not insure the intended 45 million uninsured, but mostly those who were kicked off their private insurance. They also make no mention of the delays of the implementation of the law that will knock a hundred million off their employer paid insurance after the coming elections of 2014/16.

Democrat delusions of grandeur

They should now run on ObamaCare like men and not shy from Obama’s shadow like cockroaches caught in the light.