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Victorious Elise splash art uploaded to 'League of Legends' PBE

Victorious Elise as she appears in her splash art.
Victorious Elise as she appears in her splash art.
Riot Games

When League of Legends reaches the end of Season Three on November 11, all players who are placed in Gold Tier will find themselves rewarded with the Victorious Elise champion skin. Of course, if a player doesn't own Elise, they will also be awarded the champion. Today, Riot Games has uploaded the splash art for that skin and needless to say, it looks pretty darn good.

Other players of ranked need not fret however, those in Silver Tier will get the Victorious ward skin and everyone who has completed their ten placement matches will receive the appropriate summoner icon for their tier. Only those ranked Silver or higher will get a special border in loading screens, however.

Once the season ends, the preseason will begin and Riot will start making changes in anticipation of the beginning of Season Four. Among the areas the studio seeks to improve is jungling and supporting.