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Victoria takes jabs at Emily in ‘Payback,’ the midseason premiere of ‘Revenge’

Victoria takes jabs at Emily in ‘Payback,’ the midseason premiere of ‘Revenge’
Victoria takes jabs at Emily in ‘Payback,’ the midseason premiere of ‘Revenge’
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The wait is over as season 3 of “Revenge” returns this Sunday with the midseason premiere, “Payback” and it looks like Victoria is wasting no time making jabs at Emily. According to an exclusive video on E! Online on March 6, the Grayson matriarch uses Emily’s inability to have kids to belittle and insult her.

In the clip, which you can watch here, Emily approaches Victoria and is trying to play nice, commenting on Charlotte’s 19th birthday. Victoria launches into a monologue about the blessings of parenthood and reminds Emily it’s something she’ll never experience. Emily’s expression grows tauter with every word that comes out of Victoria’s mouth. It looks like there will be no letting up on the tension between these two rivals.

The second half of the season moves to a new time slot and will air at 9 p.m. CST/ 10 p.m. EST. ABC boss Paul Lee says that means the show "can take the handcuffs off" and "make a 10 o'clock show." Continuing the sentiment, showrunner Sunil Nayar said the new show time "will give us the opportunity to show you the darker colors of all the people...we can get into the more salaciously, revenge-y interpersonal stuff now."

There’s no telling where the show might go now!

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