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Victoria Stilwell to conduct dog training demo in Fall River

Animal Planet’s noted dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, host of the popular series, It’s Me or the Dog, will work with 10 adoptable dogs from Fall River’s Forever Paws Animal Shelter during a live stage presentation on Saturday, November 19th at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford. Tickets for the 3:00pm show are priced at $41.50 and $48.50.

Animal Planet's Victoria Stilwell, star of "It's Me or the Dog" will work with 10 dogs from the Forever Paws Animal Shelter during a live event on Saturday, November 19th, 2011.
Mills Entertainment

The British-born Stilwell has become famous for her approach to dog training, which emphasizes praising a dog when he does what is wanted, rather than on punishing for misdeeds. According to her website, she is “a passionate advocate for positive reinforcement training methods that enhance a dog’s ability to learn while increasing confidence, resulting in a healthy, well-adjusted pet. She is a vocal opponent of punitive, dominance-based training techniques which often result in ‘quick fixes’ but ultimately cause more long-term harm than good while damaging the owner-dog relationship.”

In her series, It’s Me or the Dog, which debuted in the U.S. in 2007, Ms. Stilwell routinely takes on seemingly incorrigible dogs and against all odds, transforms them into harmonious companions who, after her firm but compassionate coaching, are able to assume their intended roles as cherished family members.

She hopes to do the same with the dogs from the Forever Paws Shelter, a nonprofit, no-kill facility that places no time limits on the dogs and cats it accepts into its care. Ms. Stilwell has a particular interest in rehabilitating rescued dogs, and it’s with this in mind that she has partnered with Forever Paws, hoping that by demonstrating her winning techniques on dogs who haven’t yet found their permanent homes, she may help them to find loving placements, and inspire a live audience of dog lovers to train their pets in a kinder and more effective way.


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