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Victoria's Secret closed but doors left unlocked: Shoppers fill unmanned store

Victoria Secret doors left unlocked after closing, fills with shoppers the next morning before store openes.
Victoria Secret doors left unlocked after closing, fills with shoppers the next morning before store openes.
Facebook/ File photo

Victoria Secret’s Soho store didn’t open until 11 a.m. on Sunday morning, but yet the store was full of shoppers around 10 a.m., an hour before the staff arrived. People were oblivious to the fact that they were shopping in a store that wasn’t open for business yet, according to the New York Post on April 21.

One of the locks on the doors was broken and when someone came along and gave it a good pull, it opened. With the lights all on and folks browsing through the store, more folks came in thinking that the store was open. The store is located at the corner of Broadway and Prince, according to Death and Taxes. While it is not the only store in the city, it is certainly the one that gets the most foot traffic, so it was bustling with customers when the police showed up.

Apparently when one shopper couldn’t find an employee anywhere to make their purchase, they called 911. That was around 10:45, just 15 minutes before the store opened. A food cart vender who watched as people walked in and out of the store said that there is usually a guard posted outside the store, but he wasn’t there today. That’s because as far as anyone associated with the store was concerned, the store wasn’t opened.

The most surprising outcome of a store unattended and full of shoppers was what police found when reviewing the surveillance tapes. Not one thing was stolen. People shopped just as if there were a store full of employees and didn’t seem to know the difference that there wasn’t a soul around watching the store.

That was impressive, conveyed Chris Cravacho, who manages the Billabong store a few doors down from Victoria’s Secret. He said that “this area is high in traffic,” said the merchant neighbor. That was very impressive said the news anchors on the curvy couch on “Fox and Friends” Monday live.

When you first heard that a closed Victoria’s Secret store was left unlocked and it filled up with shoppers, you were expecting to hear about some major loss for the store. It appears that those Victoria’s Secret shoppers are some honest people!

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