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Victoria Rafaeli thinks Donny Thompson is creepy: 'BB16' live feed conversation

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Donny Thompson has been the gentle and relatively quiet “Big Brother 16” houseguest. Always ready with a sympathetic eye, the groundskeeper from Albemarle, N.C. has been friendly with almost everyone in the house this season.

That may be why live feed subscribers where surprised to hear Christine Brecht and Victoria Rafaeli describe Donny as “creepier than usual” during a conversation at approximately 1:05 a.m. PT on July 13. Donny has been a bit wary of Christine because she is a self-proclaimed “Big Brother” super-fan, but he has been nothing but nice to Victoria. Donny and fellow Team America member Derrick Levasseur seemed to have a connection with the 22-year-old photographer who lives in Weston, Fla.

Christine told fellow “Big Brother 16” houseguests that Donny had been acting creepier than usual toward Victoria. Victoria went on to tell Nicole, Zach and Hayden about comments Donny made about a pair of shorts Victoria had been wearing. Victoria told the group, who were hanging on in the backyard in the hammock, that this made her feel uncomfortable. Christine also commented, yet again, that some of the things Donny had said and done over the past week had also made her feel uncomfortable.

Brecht, a 23-year-old barista from Tucson, Ariz. had already contributed to the conversation, talking about an instance involving Victoria dancing “on Frankie” and Hayden jokingly saying that this excited him. Also joking, Donny said he was feeling the same way.

Almost the entire time Victoria and Christine were recounted these instances of Donny acting weird, or creepier than usual, they were giggling with Hayden. Zach and Nicole seemed genuinely shocked that Donny would have said or done anything inappropriate. However, Zach did tell Christine that she needs to keep an eye on Donny because he is smart and he may be out to get her evicted. Christine agreed that Donny is smart and that in her eyes that makes him dangerous.