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Victoria Beckham: Shocking rumor about next fashion line revealed

Victoria Beckham has been a megastar fashion designer who celebrities have relied on to create their dazzling gowns. A shocking rumor is out that Beckham plans to broaden her fashion label to a more affordable level for the mid-range market.

According to an exclusive piece by RadarOnline Feb. 20, a source explained that Victoria has "decided to branch her label out of its very upmarket roots."

“With plans to build a lifestyle brand later in the year, she’ll finally be able to crack the mid-range department store market that has made millions for stars like Jessica Simpson," the insider added.

Right now Victoria Beckham's label goes for thousands in handbags and dresses. Her line debuted in 2008 and she has been a leading fashion figure ever since.

Why is Beckham choosing to build on a lower-priced fashion line? The source said it had to do with letting go of her snobby attitude and "admitting" to herself that she needs to "conquer a store such as Macy’s and not just be known for high-end clothing.”

Beckham wants to do more in allowing her status as a successful woman reach out to young women so they can look up to her.

“Her new strategy is to really show young women how they can live like her, not just dress like her,” the source said. ”To do a big lifestyle brand, she needs to branch out, lower the prices, and get in the department stores.”

How would a less expensive Victoria Beckham line go over in the medium-range market? There is little doubt her label will still be a bit expensive, but nowhere near the thousands of dollars her rich clientele forks out.

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