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Victoria Beckham shares her sophisticated low carb diet: 'The kids love sushi'

Get the skinny on Victoria's diet.
Get the skinny on Victoria's diet.
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

There's something about Victoria Beckham that radiates sophistication. Maybe it's the perfect posture, the rare yet charming smile, or her slim, shapely figure. And when it comes to the diet that Victoria uses to maintain that sleek shape, the food that the superstar chooses is just as sophisticated as her personality. As for her children? She's raising them to enjoy the same low carb diet.

In numerous interviews, Victoria has been asked about her food habits. Because she's rarely seen eating in public, some bloggers have contended that she has an eating disorder. What Victoria has said, however, is that she follows a very strict low-carb food plan.

In restaurants, Victoria typically orders fish and vegetables, and both she and her equally famous husband David are fond of Japanese food. Her low-carb food plan includes fruit as well as protein and veggies. And you won't catch Victoria and David in a fast-food restaurant or doughnut shop: they avoid junk food as an option both for themselves and their children.

Talking with Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria revealed a sample menu:

  • For breakfast, she likes fruit, peppermint tea and a double espresso.
  • For lunch, she eats "something quite healthy" such as sushi and green juice.
  • She sips sparkling water.
  • For dinner: Somewhere "Italian, French or sushi."

And Victoria's raising children with sophisticated palates. "The kids love sushi as well," she said. "That’s their favorite food. Nobu’s really great."

Victoria isn't the only celebrity to opt for a low-carb lifestyle. Others include:

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