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Victor Voronov's past includes charges of battery and criminal damage

Many past secrets of Johnny Weir’s life became public when he filed for divorce from his husband, Victor Voronov. Now, Victor's dark past is making headlines. According to Radar Online, April 7, 2014, Victor was arrested for battery, criminal damage, and false imprisonment.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 17: Two time Olympian and World Bronze medalist figure skater Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov attend the Jaguar Chill NY event on August 17, 2012 in New York City.
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Jaguar

Radar Online found the court documents. Apparently, a fight erupted between Victor and his mother, Lilya Voronov on April 1, 2009. Prosecutors claim that Victor intentionally damaged Lily's black Prada purse by grabbing it and tearing it. He intentionally caused physical harm to Lyla when he shoved her and held her down. Then, when he grabbed the purse out of her hands, he caused an abrasion to her left thumb. Victor “did physically hinder the victim from completing a 911 call or a call to a law enforcement agency to request police protection with intent to cause physical harm."

Police arrested Victor and charged him with criminal damage, theft, simple battery, false imprisonment, and obstruction of a 911 call. Bond was set at $1,300, which Victor paid, but special conditions went along with his release. He was to “stay away, absolutely, directly or indirectly, by person, telephone, messenger, or any other means of communication from Lilya Voronov.” He has to “stay away from the victim’s home, school, and place of business or routes of travel to or from those locations."

Other stipulations include that Victor has obey the local, state and federal laws. He can go back to his mother’s house one time with law enforcement for his personal belongings. He had to consent to random drug and alcohol testing, and to abstain from drinking alcohol and using any drugs without a prescription. Victor was required to check into the Talbott Recovery Campus or other inhouse residential treatment program and complete 30 days of treatment.

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