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Victor Braeden or Eric Newman speaks to TV Guide

My way or the highway
My way or the highway
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Victor Newman spoke through his Eric Braeden personna, or was Eric Braeden speaking through his Victor Newman personna? Either way it was an obnoxious interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan with him giving his opinions on how men can be dumbed down,. He also spoke about how he feels there should be mutual respect in a relationship between two people, especially between Y&R’s Nikki and Victor!
With the first anniversary of their fourth marriage on March 24th, and Nikki and Vic having many unresolved issues between them he is upset that he is n ot being given into as is usual on this show. Nikki has had it with Victor, Braeden responded: “And he’s had it with her! That’s what I resent about popular culture in America! Why is it always the woman who has had it with the guy? There’s a tendency in this country — dictated by revenue — to make men look like a——s. They do that in order to sell products to women. Look at most commercials! The men are portrayed as schmucks! As boobs! As doofuses! The kids are smarter than the men. The wives are smarter. It happens in comedy series all the time, too. The man is the idiot and the woman is always raising her eyebrows or rolling her eyes in exasperation. I resent the hell out of that and it ain’t gonna happen with me and my character!”

When reminded Nikki has been getting the last word with the usually dismissive Victor, Braeden exclaimed: “It is getting too much! I would not tolerate that in my personal life. I believe in the equality of sexes. I discuss everything with my wife. There’s not a major decision I make without consulting with her and vice versa. There must be mutual respect. But for Victor to stand there like a schmuck and let Nikki have the last word? I don’t like that. There is this underlying presumption in some of the scripts that the women have the upper hand. No! I resent that!”

I myself must say I never see any woman having the last word with the dictatorial Victor Newman. As for his claims the men look like shmucks, (I am holding back the comment that goes through my little pea brain,) I cannot see where that is happening. We have Nikki who has been under the tyrants thumb most of her life after being taken advantage of by Ian. Sharon is always dependent on men and her character is erratic and loony half the time. Victoria has been a fool for Billy and Chloe is going crazy over the loss of her child. Summer is a lost child with no direction and Jill is being a fool for the love of a man. A very sexy man, but still she is not running the show.

The "that will not happen with my character" remark leads us to believe he is a dictitative as EB and he is running the show. His resenting a woman having the upper hand does not ring true with the word respect he used earlier.

All in all Eric Braeden comes off like th a......s he refered to. +

What do you think? Comment and let me know who agrees or disagrees.

Y&R can be seen weekdays on CBS at 12:30 p.m.

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