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Victim robbed at RH Metrolink station & security company acts blameless

Richmond Heights & St. Louis Galleria Station
Richmond Heights & St. Louis Galleria Station
St. Louis Metro

Reportedly, Randy Moehlamn reported to KMOV-News that the Richmond Heights Police are not doing anything to help his father, 69 who is deaf following a robbery and assault that occurred on Tuesday, 11-March 2014 at approximately 11:30 am at the Metrolink station near the St. Louis Galleria Mall. Apparently, the victim was waiting to take a train downtown for lunch when a suspect grabbed the victim's money as he was purchasing train tickets.

“My dad grabbed him, and as my dad grabbed him he started screaming, hoping to attract some attention. The guy tried to wrestle away, there was a small scuffle then he threw a right hand and punched my dad in the face to break free and walked off.”

-- Randy Moehlamn

Supposedly, there was an uniformed security guard on duty at the time. According to the Metrolink Director of Security, Richard Zott, the security guard did not see anything that indicated a robbery or attack. According to Zott, the security video showed the victim and the suspect interacting for a few minutes but because the camera pans back and forth it did not catch any alleged altercation between the suspect and victim. So, basically, the security camera was either pointed away from the altercation or the video was altered and if there really was a security guard on duty at the time, she was either distracted talking to other patrons or I suspect talking or playing on her phone. Naturally, nobody tends to want to get involved with these types of incidents but at least someone could have called out to the security guard or called the police!

However, there was one good samaritan who helped the man but she was not there for the robbery and assault but instead was on an arriving train when she noticed the injured and bleeding victim. She called the police. Apparently, Saint Louis County Police are investigating the incident rather than Richmond Heights Police because they tend to have uniformed and undercover officers that ride the trains.

I would be asking whether there is an investigation into the careless security guard and if she is found negligent, then what is the security department doing to prevent this type of incident from reoccurring. I would also urge to the victim to sue the security agency for failing to provide a safe environment for patrons.

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