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Victim posts pics of alleged iPad thief on Facebook after iCloud backup

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A weird picture of some stranger popping up on your iPhone should be somewhat disconcerting, but what do you do when you surmise that this stranger is most likely the person that stole your iPad? Well if your name is Allen Engstrom, then the answer is easy. You just post their pics all over the internet!

According to the story on MSN Now, the gentleman started seeing strange portraits of a woman making crazy faces popping up on his iPhone and quickly realized that the pictures were coming from his iPad, which most likely had the iCloud function turned on. The feature, which is built into all of Apple's iOS products, allows you to access your pictures, music and other content on all of your computing devices.

So now the user of the stolen iPad, which Engstrom left on a plane, was taking ridiculous self-portraits, and unsuspectingly sending them to the rightful owner, who promptly posted them on Facebook and Twitter for the whole world to see.

So here's a tip for all you brazen "apple-pickers" out there, you may want to turn off the iCloud before you start taking pics for your portfolio.