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Victim heard black mob say 'stop the white boy' before brutal attack

Cody Robinson talking to KSAT News
Cody Robinson talking to KSAT News
Screen-grab from KSAT

It appears; we have yet another victim of black mob violence and the racial hatred known as what many call the "knockout game." The attack occurred in San Antonio in the early-morning hours of Jan. 30.

Cory Robinson said he was leaving Espana early Friday morning when a group of men blindsided and beat him repeatedly.

Robinson was taken to the hospital where he's currently recovering. The attack was so savage it left him with a fractured skull; his clothes were shredded as the thugs sought to rob him in the process. What is known for certain about the attack is Robinson heard the black mob say:

Get the white boy and knockout.

Many who read the story about the brutal attack on Robinson were left wondering if he was possibly the instigator. The conflicts come because some news sites didn't tell the whole story the black mob aspect when it's involved.

When a person reads the story about the attack from one of the many San Antonio news sites, they may come away with the following impressions: 1) This was not an assault, but rather a fight; 2) Robinson instigated it, and 3) Mexicans attacked him.

"None of which is true. All of which is another example of how the journalistic gymnastics that often accompany racial violence can also do violence to basic reporting of the facts," writes Colin Flaherty of WND.

It seems the confusion began when San Antonio's major daily newspaper reported that police didn't consider Robinson a victim of the "knockout game." They said:

“According to a police report, Robinson said he left the bar while a large fight was going on outside. As he walked through the fight to get to his car, a man questioned him. After a brief exchange, the report said, Robinson told officers approximately eight men jumped him.”

According to Robinson, his account of the story was fuzzy because he said: “he had just had his brains bashed in.” He did tell police he admonished some folks that were fighting outside when he exited the bar heaing to his car. He urged them to settle their differences in a peaceful manner.

Robinson told the group: “Stop fighting, there’s no need for that. Boisterous arguing impedes the progress of society," according to KSAT-TV News.

Because of what Robinson told KSAT many folks believed he caused his own attack because he said something that provoked his attackers. "Which was not true: He had no contact with his attackers, verbal or otherwise, before the violence," according to Flaherty.

The Express-News account conveniently left out Robinson's statement of what the black mob said before the brutal attack, "stop the white boy" and "knockout." Express-News even failed to mention the race of the attackers. The result of incomplete reporting left many to draw the wrong conclusions.

The local television added some details the other sites left out like Robinson screaming for help, for his life. They also said how his attackers yelled, "stop the white boy," as they kicked and punched him in the face as he tried to get up. However, they like the other sites failed to mention the race of the attackers.

After KSAT's version of the attack, many thought the assailants were possibly Hispanic. This is when Robinson sought to set the record straight in the comments section of the Express website.

He wrote: "Yes they were all black. It was literally minutes later that I was trying to get in my car after talking to the first group that the attack started. When I tried to get in my car I heard ‘get the white boy’ and when I turned around I got hit and fell.

“That’s when I heard ‘KNOCK OUT.’ That’s when they started trying to go through my clothes to steal everything. When they noticed I wasn’t completely unconscious, that’s when they said ‘stomp him. Stomp that white boy,’ and they tried their hardest to knock me completely unconscious.”

The rest of this article contains what can hopefully be called an insightful commentary. So if you don't agree with a scriptural assessment of the story written above stop reading here.

Christianity Examiner Commentary

Those who participate in hateful and racially motivated violence as mentioned above are often the result of children raised without moral boundaries.

Often children become violent because of harsh, unloving and critical parenting. They seek to lash out at their parents and society by making them pay for the hurts they have suffered in life. This is not an excuse for their behavior but a possible explanation behind such hatred.

"Hate" is defined as an intense hostility and aversion. It is a feeling that is carried around inside a person, where they despise another person, either for a justifiable reason or not.

The Lord mentions hatred in the Sermon on the Mount: “But I say, if you are even angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.” (Matthew 5:22 NLT). Hatred is a condition and sin of the heart.

God despises any hateful thought as murder in his eyes and is something he will require justice either for in this life or the next. The sin of hate is so heinous before God the person living with hate in their heart is considered as a person walking in total darkness.

Hatred is a poison that destroys a person from within. It produces bitterness that eats away at a person's heart and mind.

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