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'Vickie and Vinny's The Godfather Marries' proves to be a riot (Photos)

On June 28, 2014, Al Quinn and Marty Wisher shared about a recent gig in which Quinn played Godfather Vinny and Wisher played Grandma Nunzio in the stage production of "Vickie & Vinny's Weddings: The Godfather Marries." The afternoon matinee took place June 26 at Gulf Coast Village in Cape Coral, Fla.

Vickie and Vinny - cast members
Vickie and Vinny - cast members
Vickie and Vinny cast, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission
Cast Members
Cast Members, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission by Marty Wisher

Marty, I understand that you are the owner and director of Starlight Productions. In this production you were also a cast member, so how did the audience like the show?

"It was not only liked, but the show was a hit and a riot! In addition to myself, some of the cast were Carrie Belluso, Ty Landers, Asia Danielle Johnson, and others (full cast list below). Belluso played Vickie, and in the show she claims she's a virgin, but walks in 'great with child.' Labor pains start as she walks to the wedding march.

During the ceremony I try to stop the nuptials wanting a pre-nup [agreement], because her granddaughter wants the family fortune and is consorting with Godfather (Al's) grandson, Anthony."

Al Quinn, by the way, is president of the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA). Carrie Belluso is its treasurer.

Al, since this is not your first time being a Godfather, what can you tell us about this particular Vinny?

"Yes, I've been other Godfathers. I just seem to fit the bill for that type of character!

This time, as Godfather Vinny, I won't let Grandma stop the wedding. Both bride and groom don't want to commit to being faithful, so the minister has second thoughts about marrying them. However, he ultimately declares them/us husband and wife if they/we agree to immediately begin marriage counseling!"

Marty, do you have more to share?

"My character's full name, Matriarch Grandma Nunzio, is Vinny's sister. She finally gives her blessing and toasts them happiness if the bride names the child after her. Of course, the whole thing started before the ceremony with Godfather Vinny flirting with every female in the place!"

Al, did you have a great time?

Yes, it was a blast. I especially liked it when I was told that the ladies in the audience were tickled to see me. I was considered the "stud!" By the way, I'm 84."

Thank you Al and Marty for sharing about this wild and crazy Italian wedding production. Fans, enjoy photos in the slideshow, and look forward to more upcoming hit events by Starlight Productions!

Full Cast and Crew: Al Quinn - Godfather Vinny Nunzio, Carrie Belluso - Bride Vickie, Marcus Colon - Reverend Marcus ( Marcus real wife portrayed Reverend's wife, Mrs. Colon), Ty Landers - Godfather's grandson Anthony, Asia Danielle - Vickie's granddaughter Teresa, James Clayton - The Wedding Planner, and Marty Wisher - Grandma Nunzio

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