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Vicki Kennedy, widow of Ted Kennedy, nominated for USPS post by President Obama

Vicki Kennedy

Vicki Kennedy, the widow of former Sen. Ted Kennedy who died in 2009, is being nominated to the board of governors for the United States Postal Service on Wednesday. The Kennedys were adamant supporters of President Obama during his first election bid in 2008, according to a Politico report on Wednesday.

Vicki Kennedy, an attorney, is the co-founder of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Additionally, she is on the Kennedy Center’s Board of Trustees.

The duties of the board of governors to the United States Postal Service include the responsibility of selecting the postmaster general of the United States. Also, the board of governors controls the postal service spending, policies, and planning.

Sen. Ted Kennedy and the former Victoria Anne “Vicki” Reggie met when Vicki was a summer intern in Kennedy’s Senate office’s mailroom. They reportedly started dating in 1991 which was a year after Vicki divorced Grier C. Raclin – her first husband. In that marriage, she had two children. She married Kennedy on July 3, 1992.

She was credited with turning Kennedy’s personal and political life around after he gained negative publicity due to alleged womanizing and drinking.

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