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Vicki Kennedy: Ted Kennedy's widow tapped for USPS assignment

Vicki Kennedy: Sen. Ted Kennedy's widow tapped for USPS assignment
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Vicki Kennedy, widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy, was tapped by President Obabma to serve on the United States Postal Service Board of Governors. The 59-year-old was nominated to serve on the 11-member board. According to WebProNews on Feb. 13, she and her late husband backed Obama in his 2008 re-election bid.

Vicki Kennedy’s nomination is one of the nine positions that are appointed by the President of the United States for the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Office.

Vicki Kennedy, whose full name is Victoria Anne Reggie "Vicki" Kennedy, is a magna cum laude from Newcomb College at Tulane University in New Orleans. She went on to earn her J.D graduating summa cum laude from Tulane University Law School. She is an attorney and a member of the Kennedy Center’s Board of Trustees. Kennedy is also the co-founder of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

Vicki Kennedy married the late senator in 1992. She was his wife up until his death in 2009. After his death she declined taking his place until a special election could be held. Multiple times speculation hoped she would run for her late husband’s Senate seat, but she declined each time.

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