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Vick goes from Eagles to fresh start with Jets

Al Bello/Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Jets cut Sanchez before signing Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles already practically said goodbye to Michael Vick before March 21. Vick was gone from the Eagles the minute Nick Foles started winning games, as the only question left was where he would go from Philadelphia -- and whether he could start again. One question was answered on March 21, as Vick signed with the New York Jets, although many more questions remain.

The Jets also cut Mark Sanchez -- another underachieving starter who lost his job to a younger potential star -- to make room for Vick's arrival. Now he will only have to fight Geno Smith in his fight to become an NFL starter again. There was no room for him to do it with the Eagles, but it isn't like the Jets are that much more roomy.

Smith's rookie season had fits and starts throughout, yet the Jets salvaged an 8-8 finish anyway. However, since Vick and Smith are both mobile quarterbacks, and since Vick already worked with former Eagles-turned Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, New York could start its new veteran quarterback so its younger one can get more seasoning.

It was somewhat expected for months that the Jets would take a run at Vick, once the Eagles officially gave up on him. Philadelphia could have kept him as a backup, in case Foles hit a sophomore slump next season. Even though Foles has all the keys to the Eagles' castle, Philadelphia still has to decide if Matt Barkley is now the best backup option it can find.

The Eagles already have a lot more on their plate than Vick, given the speculation on DeSean Jackson's future. While Vick is leaving after having wrung himself dry in Philadelphia, trading Jackson out of town would leave a bigger hole -- and perhaps make life for Foles that much more difficult.

With Vick gone and Jackson perhaps to follow, the bulls-eye is clearly shifting to Foles now. If it isn't shifting to him, it is certainly on Chip Kelly, as one symbol of the late Andy Reid era is gone and another has been put on the fence.

The Eagles are clearly transforming under Kelly, but will it keep paying off -- or has Vick gotten out in time? Of course, this leaves aside his uphill battle ahead with the even more chaotic Jets.

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