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Vice President Joe Biden's niece Caroline Biden avoids jail after hitting cop

Caroline Biden, a niece of Vice President Joe Biden
Caroline Biden, a niece of Vice President Joe Biden
Washington Times

Caroline Biden, 26, who is the niece of Vice President Joe Biden had a court date in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday. She was excused from making a court appearance because she is being treated at an exclusive inpatient facility for anger issues in Delray Beach, Florida, according to a New York Post report on Wednesday.

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Caroline Biden had been criminally charged with resisting an arrest, obstruction of justice and harassment. The New York Post report more blatantly states that Ms. Biden hit a police officer. She received the charges on Sept. 17 of last year after an episode with her roommate over unpaid rent. Her roommate who argued with her over the unpaid rent was Adrienne Reynolds. The residence with the unpaid rent concern is reported as a “ritzy Tribeca pad” on Desbrosses Street. In regards to the charges, Manhattan Judge Ann Scherzer agreed to dismiss the charges against Caroline Biden if she can stay out of trouble for six months. In other words, Ms. Biden is avoiding jail time after having struck an officer of the law.

James Liguori, Ms. Biden’s defense lawyer, told the court that Ms. Biden is undergoing treatment for the issues she has with anger management, and he said that she is truly sorry for what she did and she is truly remorseful.

The report asserts that Biden’s niece, a Georgetown University graduate, had “two high-price lawyers,” including Ira London, plead against the charges against her while she’s in Caron Renaissance Ocean Drive in Delray Beach, Florida. The report also states that Caroline Biden has “a history of booze and pill addiction.”