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VICE Media Launches VICE News

VICE Media Launches VICE News
VICE Media Launches VICE News
VICE News via Facebook

VICE is on the verge of changing the way audiences get their news, one viewer at a time.

The world’s leading youth media brand and digital content studio, has announced the launch of VICE News: a new video-driven online channel, which will feature hundreds of hours of provocative, immersive news programming from around the world for a youth audience.

The new channel, which made its debut yesterday, will feature new VICE hosts, in-depth international reporting, recurring franchises, and feature-length documentaries.

VICE News will join a long list of the youth brand's increased outpouring of award-winning news content through, the VICE series on HBO, and YouTube.

With the channel, VICE aims to fill in a void left by mainstream media and news aggregation websites struggling to engage youth audiences and offer high-quality compelling digital programming.

To get an idea of what to expect, from VICE's vault of critically acclaimed foreign reporting: interviewing homeless children living in Bogotá’s sewers, on the scene with Nigerian oil pirates, reporting from within North Korea and meeting with Kim Jong-un, and extensive coverage of Afghanistan’s child suicide bombers, VICE will continue in this vein engaging hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.

The channel will offer in-depth video and editorial content in long and short form documentaries, Vine and Instagram, and live streaming, additionally new hosts will be added including conflict and crisis specialist Ben Anderson, reporter Tim Pool; Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fazeelat Aslam and Aris Roussinos. All VICE News content will stream live on