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Vic Dibitetto coming to Buck Hotel this weekend

He's coming to Feasterville This Friday, July 11 2014. Vic Dibitetto , the comic made famous from his Youtube videos. He is at the Buck Hotel for a benefit gig for .Bucks County Heroes. You might not be too familiar with Vic right now but wait about a year. He is in Mall Cop 2 . "I started out with with Kevin James and we lost touch. He called me and told me I had a part in this movie. I almost hung up on him, I thought it was someone playing a joke", Vic said in an interview. When his movie drops in April, Dibitetto will be hotter than a baked potato fresh out of the oven.

"I do this all myself", Vic said. from thinking up his bits to holding the camera for his Youtube videos. "A lot of people think I have a cameraman, I don't", he said. He is a 53 year old working class man, "I'm a donkey",he said ,"I drive a School Bus". The kids on the bus have no idea of who he is but when that movie comes out he will be signing autographs for these kids. "I love getting recognized. I told my wife if I ever turn into Alec Baldwin hit me with a club", Vic said. While his days of walking the streets with only a little bit of recognition will be coming to an end for Vic quickly, it's a good thing that he he likes his fans.

"I stay after every show to meet people. I take a photo with them ,whatever", he said. Vic is arrogant, honest and in your face with his rants. He should be on television. He would be perfect for an All In The Family type show. "Everybody is so politically correct, All In the Family would never be on in today's market" , he said..Vic is not politically correct. He says what's on his mind, from Justin Bieber who he cannot stand, "I got over 2 million views with that rant",to waiting in line at the post office. If it ticks off Vic, he will let you know..They are some of his funniest videos.

He his funny,original,and hard working. "I used to drive a garbage truck. One gig I drove the truck to the show, got upon stage and did my show, then went right back out on my route", Vic said. One of Vic's bits is an on going rant about his shed, he built in his backyard, it's now the place where he can go to have a cigar,rest sleep and hang out. It's also quickly becoming the subject of his online videos,with five parts. Soon, he will be selling VIP tours of the shed. Don't laugh ,people will pay for it. You don't have to drive to North Jersey to see him, the Buck Hotel is just outside the city and your money goes to a great cause.

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