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Vic Dibitetto and friends deliver a triple threat of comedy

Tim Hayes, Vic Dibetetto , and Fred Rubino
Tim Hayes, Vic Dibetetto , and Fred Rubino

The most important thing a comedian can have is good delivery. Without it even the best jokes fall flat. They get ruined and when that happens the audience can turn on you quickly. That did not happen the weekend of July 13th . 2014 as Vic Dibetetto , came to town and brought friends, Tim Hayes and Fred Rubino with him. We now had a a triple threat.Or a treat if you were there.

They played at the Buck Hotel ,and they all made certain to bring up the point that this is not a hotel at all. and there are no rooms available. Hayes, who also doubled as the emcee of the evening would try to engage the audience in participation by asking questions. The same with Rubino.. Those that would answer seemingly innocent questions found themselves injected into the routine,like it or not. It was all in good fun with no one safe. Not newlyweds,or people celebrating their birthday. No one was safe .

While Rubino and Hayes might not be as well known as Vic Dibetetto, they were by no means tame. Rubino is from Brooklyn and Hayes is close to Vic in North Jersey. Dibitetto is on fire. He is a match in the process of being struck. Within a short time, he will be on fire. He got a part in Mall Cop 2. He , Vic, like Justin Bieber, got his start on You Tube.

However, that is where the similarities end. Click on the above link to find out for yourself. A warning is in order about the language and the humor. Do not eat or drink anything while watching this ( or any of Vic's video's) as you will laugh and the food or beverage will come back out and land on your keyboard. Guaranteed.

A singer needs to have 12 to 19 songs for a show. When the song is done the fans applaud and on to the next one. A comedian is much different. A simple 45 minute show can have over 200 jokes. Not everyone will find each one funny. Too many duds and you've lost your audience. That was far from the case with these three and most of their jokes landed in the bulls eye. When Vic showed what people look like in Florida, he pulled his pants above his waist, walked quickly into the lobby to come back into the room. The restaurant staff were quick to point him towards the mens room.

The proceeds from the show went to Bucks County Hero's which is a local charity. Vic is best known for his rants when he is "ticked off".He says what people feel. He drives a School Bus for a living and did an episode of idiots that try to pass him or cannot pay attention to simple laws of the road with a School bus. Go to his video page on the above you Tube link and scroll for it.

After the show all three comedians spent time meeting their fans and making new friends. If any of these guys are within 40 miles of your house you would be wise to go see them.

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