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Vibram Five Fingers shoes owes millions in class action lawsuit

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Vibram USA the shoe company that told you putting your feet into a glove-like setting, in the name of a better shoe, deceived its customers. The highly advertised shoe alleged it could strengthen the foot muscles, a false health claim.

Vibram illegally duped and raked it in

Vibram decided to settle the suit while it was still ahead. The Five Fingers shoe company denies any wrong doing, but wants to stop further proceedings before the settlement becomes more costly than it already is, a lame 3.75 million.

Five Fingers, cost $94 at the time of sale, has to pay the money back to each individual who can prove they made the purchase since the date March 2009 and the date of the notice to disseminate. Individuals can expect to receive, $20-50 on up to a maximum of $94 back on the purchase of Vibram Five Finger Shoes. Anyone who makes the claim for two or more pairs must have a proof of purchase.

Let this be a lesson to false advertising.

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