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Vibes release Fast Train EP on newly christened label VibeWithIt Records

Los Angelino band Vibes is the culmination of dance music aficionados Death House of Love, G Templeton and Alex Slavin. With an EP ready-made with feel-good rhythms, it seemed not only natural, but inevitable, that the group release their follow-up EP on the self-proclaimed "feel good" label VibeWithIt Records.

VibeWithIt Records, formerly WallflowerFood, have re-energized their mission but will continue to showcase more hand selected tunes and enlighten the masses as to the merits of 'groove'. The sleek new move comes with the website's re-launch, new mobile app, launch party and - of course - the release of Vibes' tropically inclined EP Fast Train.

The title single is a house anthem in it's own right and features catchy vocal hooks bleeding with the bittersweet pain of love and loss. Assertive piano stabs and lilting chord progressions elevate the lyrics to make this track the perfect marriage of nu-disco and house signatures.

The EP is available to stream on VibeWithIt's website and will be made available for purchase on iTunes April 4. Also included on the EP are the equally dance-able remixes by Maniacs, Colour Vision and Parakord.


Listen here:


Visit VibeWithIt's new website:

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