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Viama Rosso

A food friendly Italian red.
A food friendly Italian red.

Box wine has definitely advanced since the old 3 liter cardboard cereal box with a spout from days of yore, one example of that advance in packaging and eye appeal is the Viama Rosso. A red blend from the Veneto region of Italy that is clearly designed for women as evidenced from the mention on their marketing outreach, as well as the 1.5L ‘box’ designed as a purse, eye catching to be sure, just don’t try to open the zipper.

The dark color in the glass reminded me of the box the wine poured out of and was a hint that this is a good old Italian red wine built for the table. The type of wine you can set out and let folks fill their glass according to their desire. A nose of cherry and blackberry fruit followed suit with a palate of currant and cherry set into a background of dirt and earthiness that provided a nice counterpoint to the fruit. The light acidity and tannin in the finish makes the Viama Rosso an easy to drink wine that can stand on its own, but would also be a great complement for a communal meal featuring your favorite Italian cuisine of meats, cheeses and red sauces.

Not yet widely available in this area the Viama Rosso is something to keep an eye out for, though it could be ordered online if you are someone who likes to provide something different for your guests. Along with the unique look comes a reasonable price of $15, not bad for two bottles of a soft and very drinkable Italian red wine. On the downside if you are the seller is that the packaging may limit the size of the market for this wine. However, one should not overlook its usefulness for casual entertaining or a gift for that wine loving partner in your life. Keep an eye out on the wine shelves in this area and when you find it invite some folks over, set the table, open the box and enjoy the day.