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VHS rental jail time: Woman jailed over 2005 late dues, 'Monster-in-Law' movie

Jail time for overdue VHS rental fees since 2005
Jail time for overdue VHS rental fees since 2005
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Jail time for an overdue VHS rental? That appears to be the case for one South Carolina woman who was recently arrested for never returning a movie she rented back in 2005 — “Monster-in-Law” starring Jennifer Lopez. KCENTV News reveals this Monday, Feb. 17, 2014, that the identity of this “suspect” has been made clear as 27-year-old Kayla Michelle Finley, who is fighting against these charges, claiming that she is no criminal.

While the nature of this story might sound strange in and of itself, the VHS rental jail time incident came into public awareness this week after media sources learned that a woman spent a night in jail earlier this month for not ever returning a video that she rented over seven years ago in 2005. The movie was a now-outdated VHS tape of Jennifer Lopez’s “Monster-in-Law,” and apparently these overdue fees were enough to land the woman behind bars.

Kayla Michelle Finley was formally placed under arrest this Thursday in South Carolina on a misdemeanor charge of neglecting to properly return a licensed video. The VHS tape that might have started with simple overdue fees but eventually led to jail time was originally rented from a now out-of-business video store known as Dalton Videos.

The 27-year-old woman was allegedly at the county sheriff’s office for different reasons when it was discovered by police that there was in fact a still active criminal warrant out for her arrest on charges of the failure to return the VHS tape from the movie store back in 2005. County Chief Deputy Creed Hashe said that a judge for Pickens County had filed for the warrant after Finley never brought the VHS back several years ago.

According to the press release in this VHS rental jail time case, Finley had been formally sent a number of letters about the overdue tape and to turn herself in to police authorities. The woman was forced to spend a night behind bars due to her hearing not being available to take place until that Friday morning. She was later released on a $2,000 bond.

Finley said that her being put in jail was completely uncalled for. She explained that while renting the “Monster-in-Law” VHS tape, she was suddenly forced to move out of state due to her husband’s job being changed, and just forgot about the movie.

"I'm no criminal, but Pickens County Sheriff's office sure made me feel like I was,” she added.

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