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VHS rental jail time: Why was a woman jailed for an overdue VHS rental?

Overdue VHS rental means jail time? Bet you Kayla Michelle Finley never dreamed that VHS rental of a romantic comedy would one day cost her freedom, but this is exactly what happened when she came to a police station last week in South Carolina to report a crime. A Feb. 15 report from USA Today on this strange VHS rental jail time case states that police arrested the 27-year-old woman for renting the film 'Monster-in-Law' nine years ago and never returning it to the video store.

Finley was arrested on Thursday night when, at a police station, officers discovered that she had a case brought against her by the owner of a video store.

In 2005, Finley rented the VHS movie 'Monster-in-Law', which starred Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, but failed to return the VHS rental in three days, the time limit set by the store.

Once this period of time expired, the owner of the now-defunct Dalton Videos allegedly sent three notices to Finley's address, but received no response. Shortly after, he proceeded to make a complaint for theft of the VHS rental, which resulted in a Pickens County magistrate issuing an arrest warrant for Finley.

The case remained open for nine years until finally Finley was located and arrested on Thursday night. The VHS rental jail time incident shocked Finley and she vehemently denied receiving letters requesting her to return the VHS tape.

Fox News also covered the VHS rental jail time case and when interviewed, Finley said..."I fully intend on fighting this, it’s ridiculous I had this happen to me."

Deputies also shared details on the VHS rental jail time case and they explained to media sources that although the video store is no longer in business, outstanding warrants never expire.

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Finley spent the night in jail and a judge issued a $2,000 personal recognizance bond Friday morning, and she was released.

"It’s obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do," Finley angrily commented.

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