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Vhong Navarro won't be left alone: Beating messed him up, he is still recovering

Vhong Navaro is afraid to stay alone and he will need at least another month to recover from the surgery he had after the beating he endured.
Vhong Navaro is afraid to stay alone and he will need at least another month to recover from the surgery he had after the beating he endured.

Vhong Navarro’s beating has really messed him up, both physically and psychologically. The doctors require another month of a recuperation period after Navarro went under the knife for five-hours of reconstruction surgery on his face, according to GMA Network News on Feb. 2. The beating that he endured really did a lot of injury to his face, but it sounds as if it did a number on his mind today as he is in constant fear.

Now that Navarro’s home, he is too fearful to spend any time alone after the trauma he has been through as well as the death threats he’s been receiving. Navarro’s bizarre story started with model Deniece Cornejo filing a statement with the police that Navarro attempted to rape her.

Cornejo was backed by businessman Cedric Lee, who along with Cornejo and five other people dragged Navarro to the police station the night they accused him of attempted rape.

Navarro maintained that he was invited to Cornejo’s condo and when he got there he was beaten into oblivion by six men. He adamantly denied any attempted rape and said that he had been beaten by these people who demanded he put $1 million into a bank account or they’d harm his family.

Once Navarro was put into the hospital from the horrific injuries of that beating, he said that Cornejo and Lee were trying to extort money from him and this rape claim was all part of it. They stripped him naked and made him say that he raped his friend while videotaping him. If he didn't put the million in the bank account, they threatened to release this video to the media.

Once police got a hold of the CCTV video footage from Cornejo’s condo complex, where she said the attempted rape occurred and where Navarro said was the site of the beating thrust upon him, it showed only one could be telling the truth. That person was Navarro.

Navarro was alone with Cornejo for less than two minutes, which was not long enough for all the activities of this attempted rape to take place as she claimed. Cornejo also claimed that Lee walked in while Navarro was laying naked on top of her forcing her to have sex and Lee and his friends pulled him off of her.

The CCTV footage showed that Cornejo walked into her condo with Lee, so that statement was found false. The NBI charged Cornejo, Lee and five others with serious physical injuries, grave threat, grave coercion, unlawful arrest, blackmail, and serious illegal detention.

Now Navarro is getting death threats and people in the neighborhood report seeing a man, who is a stranger, hanging around the area of Navarro’s home. The man asked to get let into his gated property, but was not let in.

The Entertainment Inquirer reports that “Navarro is too traumatized to be left alone” after his ordeal. His manager Chito Rorio reports that Navarro is too frightened to stay alone. After he went on TV to tell his side of the story, the death threats started and a man showed up at Navarro’s house trying to get in.

The manager said that they want Navarro to sleep as much as he can to recover from the beating and the traumatic event.

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