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Vhong Navarro will need to have month-long health care after attack

Vhong Navarro
Vhong Navarro

Actor Vhong Navarro is still healing from his attack and word is out now that it will end up costing him a lot. The fact is that he was injured bad enough he will need to have month-long health care. On Feb 2, GMA shared some news about an update.

He actually had a five-hour facial reconstruction procedure. He will actually be incapacitated for a month from this surgery and the injuries he sustained during his attack. His injuries include facial fractures, contusions, a deformity of the nasal bridge and even leg abrasions.

At this time, Navarro's side is saying he was the victim of attempted extortion, but of course that is not the charges that are being put against him. He is being accused of attempted rape, but is denying all of the charges. Navarro even asked for police protection due to the fact that he is receiving death threats. The police are helping to protect him so nothing further happens. Updates continue to come out about his health status and the case.