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Vhong Navarro update: Tony Calvento gives Deniece Cornejo a chance

Deniece Cornejo
Deniece Cornejo
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Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Vhong Navarro and Roxanne Cabanero are just four of the eight players in the much-publicized mauling incident happened in Forbeswood Heights Condominium last Jan. 22. They're still hot individuals not only in the country but also in some parts of the world this morning, March 21, 2014 almost two months after the mauling happened.

Deniece Cornejo made a surprised when she decided to follow Mr. Tony Calvento's Facebook page this morning. Mr. Calvento did not expect Deniece to hit the like button on his page, but despite his astonishment, he gave Deniece a chance to follow his official Facebook page and read his updated post aside from his supporters posted comments.

After Deniece, who's next? Is Roxanne Cabanero also willing to follow Tony Calvento's official Facebook page and read the netizens reactions about their case? A Facebook user named Real Cedric is one of the regular visitors of Mr. Calvento. Obviously, he's reading the page. And now, Deniece is joining with him.

Everyone knew that she is facing several charges filed by Vhong Navarro. Reports said she and Cedric Lee have elevated the case to the Court of Appeals to stop the preliminary investigation being conducted by the Department of Justice. The CA has already ordered the DOJ to explain why a Temporary Restraining Order should not be issued to stop the hearings.

But based on Mr. Tony Calvento's updated post, the DOJ is now taking up the cudgels to stop the CA from meddling into Vhong's case. His updated post has brought positive vibes to the fans and supporters of Vhong Navarro who are following his battle against Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and seven others including Roxanne Cabanero who has also filed a rape complaint against him at the Pasig Prosecutors Office several weeks ago.

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