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Vhong Navarro update: Kat Alano answers Tony Calvento's post

Kat Alano
Kat Alano
YouTube/video screenshot/News Media Factory

In one of his updated Facebook posts yesterday, May 1, 2014, Tony Calvento, one of the members of Vhong Navarro's legal team, expressed his disappointments in the Kat Alano rape issue. The brave but very popular print and broadcast journalist did not mention Kat's name, but according to some observers who are following and reading his Facebook post, he was talking about the Kat Alano-Vhong Navarro rape issue.

It all started when the VJ came out and condemned the rapists during the height of the Deniece Cornejo-Vhong Navarro rape case. Incidentally, Deniece's rape complaint against Vhong has already been dismissed by the Department of Justice due to lack of evidence.

Kat revealed that she was a victim of rape, unfortunately, after a few days, he apologized and left the netizens especially her detractors wondering. Several months after, the VJ came back and confirmed that she was raped by a public figure.

She did not reveal the identity of the guy, but according to some observers, she was talking about Vhong Navarro because of a hashtag #RhymesWithWrong used by DJ Mo Twister on his tweet. After reading the tweet, some netizens encouraged Tony Calvento to say something about the issue because of his being at hand with the actor TV host.

Tony reacted and said his concerned is an intelligence report that reached the legal team that said hired gunmen were hired to assassinate the victim of the mauling incident at Forbeswood Heights Condominium three months ago. At the beginning of his post, Tony hit Kat for using the actor just to get the attention of the viewing public, according to him, she is trying to get into the picture to be in the limelight again.

"A fading star who has lost his/her credibility will try to get into the picture so she could be talked about. Why not? Survival for subsistence? Fame? To be in the lime light once more? Never mind," Tony Calvento said. Kat Alano posted an intriguing tweet several hours after Tony posted his status, she tweeted, "When someone starts to build a wall to defend themselves and they haven’t even been accused yet, you have to wonder."

Is Kat Alano answering the status of Tony Calvento? For some observers, Tony was just expressing his opinion about the issue when he posted his status because he believes that Vhong is innocent contrary to his detractors' claim.

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