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Vhong Navarro sat idle as Cornejo reported rape due to deep fear of Cedric Lee

Vhong Navarro speaks up about the fear he felt for Cedric Lee and how his seemingly incriminating behavior of not telling police he was beat came to be.
Vhong Navarro speaks up about the fear he felt for Cedric Lee and how his seemingly incriminating behavior of not telling police he was beat came to be.

Vhong Navarro did a few things that might have appeared incriminating the night he was brought into the police station and accused of raping Deniece Cornejo. When Navarro was first accused of raping Cornejo, there were a group of people to back that claim up behind Cornejo. Apparently no one counted on security footage or Navarro changing his mind. According to the Inquirer. net on Feb. 9, Navarro finally speaks out about that night.

Things didn't look too good for Navarro the night he was dragged in to the police station by Cedric Lee, Cornejo, along with a group of their friends. Navarro signed the statement that Deniece filed with the police department claiming that Navarro raped her. He also didn't tell the police that Cedric Lee and the men there with him at the police station had just beaten him to a pulp.

Navarro was scared and refused to talk to the officers about what had happened to him at the hands of Cedric Lee and his friends. Thoughts of enraging Lee were enough to keep Navarro quiet. His sights were set on getting out of that police station and going home away from Lee.

Today Navarro finally addressed that "citizens arrest" incident where this group dragged him into the police station calling him a rapist. This was all part of an extortion scheme because after the rape complaint was filed, Navarro was told by Lee to go get $1 million and deposit it into an account. They threatened to hurt him and his family if he didn't do this.

Navarro, who never put the money into the account, but instead of going to the bank like he told Cornejo and Lee he was doing, he went to the hospital. His injuries from that beating put him in the hospital for a lengthy stay. He had surgery on his face due to the injuries he received in this beating.

He did just what Lee told him to do out of fear. He just submitted to the demands in fear of what Lee would do if he didn't. The Philippine celebrity said, "I was very afraid, so at the time I just gave into their demands."

Deniece Cornejo denies oral sex with Vhong Navarro week before beating

Cornejo continues to present herself as a rape victim today and Lee continues to deny any involvement despite the fact they'll be in a court over the charges. Lee, Cornejo and the five others, who were in on the scheme against Navarro, were all charged with various crimes having to do with kidnapping and assault by the NBI, the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines.

It was the security camera footage from Cornejo's condo that showed Navarro couldn't have done what Cornejo and Lee were reporting. He was cleared because of the CCTV video.

Cornejo and Lee were lying about the events, as they were seen on the camera entering Cornejo's condo together. Cornejo and Lee reported Lee entered to find Cornejo being raped by Navarro. Check out the video and timeline of events on the article below:

Vhong Navarro's rape case blown to pieces? Video from CCTV shows what happened

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